A worm moon is set to light up the sky this week

Photo: Mint (Fair Use)

Sky-watchers will have a special treat this week as the final full moon of winter coincides with another celestial event.

The March moon, which was dubbed the worm moon by Native American tribes in the 18th century as a nod to the various creatures that emerge from their winter shelters to usher in spring, is set to achieve its maximum brightness at 7:42 a.m. ET on Tuesday, March 7, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Additionally, those who look skyward at the opportune moment may be treated to a remarkable planetary spectacle, CNN reports.

“What is a little more interesting now, and also visible tonight and this week, are the close and prominent positioning of Venus and Jupiter in the western sky right after sunset,” said Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society, via email, CNN reported. “The astronomical word for this is ‘conjunction.’ These planets will be setting as the moon is rising, so they are only visible for about an hour at sunset, near the western horizon.”

Written by staff