Salesforce Launches Einstein GPT, Accelerating its AI Capabilities

Photo: Salesforce (Fair Use)

Salesforce (CRM) has entered the AI arena, announcing the launch of Einstein GPT, which it claims is the first generative AI customer relationship management (CRM) technology worldwide.

Einstein GPT can create custom emails for salespeople to send to customers and formulate targeted responses to critical customer inquiries. Additionally, it can automatically generate code for developers, Yahoo Finance reported.

Following a sharp sell-off driven by comments from the Fed chief, Salesforce shares closed the session slightly lower.

“With this next generation of generative AI, what it means is that AI is going to be able to do even more for you,” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told Yahoo Finance Live last week. “It can code for you. It can write letters for you if you’re a sales executive or a service executive. It’s going to be able to create content. There’s a lot of things that AI is able to do today that we couldn’t do 10 years ago.”

As the stock surged in premarket trading, Salesforce added two noteworthy details to its high-profile debut.

The company announced its intention to merge OpenAI’s enterprise-grade ChatGPT technology with its private AI models to produce trustworthy and relevant AI-generated content for its customers.

Additionally, Salesforce Ventures is initiating a $250 million generative AI fund to support emerging players in the field.

Written by staff