NASA seeks “space tug” in $30 billion dollar funding to bring down space station

Photo: NASA (Fair Use)

NASA is striving to create a spacecraft that has the capability to direct the International Space Station (ISS) to a controlled demolition in Earth’s atmosphere when it is time for the station to complete its orbit.

Details of this plan were revealed on Thursday, March 9, with the release of the White House’s 2024 federal budget request. NASA was granted a budget of $27.2 billion, which includes $180 million designated for the initial development of a new space tug.

This spacecraft is intended to safely steer the ISS towards a controlled demolition in the open ocean after its operational life ends in 2030, while potentially also having the capability to perform other tasks, Space reported.

Further information regarding this plan was disclosed during a press conference held by NASA on Monday, March 13, to discuss the proposed budget. However, approval from Congress is necessary for the budget to be implemented.

One notable detail shared was the preliminary estimated cost of the deorbit tug, as reported by Space.

Written by staff