Israeli president warns of civil war as Netanyahu rejects judicial compromise

Photo: GETTY IMAGES (Fair Use)

Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog, had proposed a compromise on contentious legislative modifications, which has been dismissed by the ruling coalition. This has brought an abrupt halt to the expectation that the political crisis in the country can be swiftly resolved.

During a televised speech to the nation on Wednesday night, Herzog disclosed what he referred to as “the people’s directive.” This directive was intended to put an end to the 10-week stalemate between Israel’s new hardline government and the significant protest movement that opposes the proposed changes, which would grant politicians significantly more authority over the judiciary.

The suggested changes have received criticism for weakening democratic principles and the legal system, leading to widespread demonstrations that have brought together a usually divided society, the Guardian reported.

This has resulted in resistance from military reservists and even the typically apolitical tech industry. Israeli protestors resumed their protests on Thursday, with several displaying signs stating that the proposed reforms signify “the end of democracy”.

“The last few weeks have been tearing us apart,” the president said. “Israel is in the throes of a profound crisis. Anyone who thinks that a real civil war, of human life, is a line that we will not reach has no idea. The abyss is within touching distance.”

Written by staff