66 MILLION Americans want a ‘national divorce’: New poll shows 

Photo: Getty Images (Fair Use)

A large number of Americans agree with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene that the United States needs a ‘national divorce’ where red and blue states split into two separate nations, the Daily Mail reported.

A recent Ipsos poll of 1,018 US adults revealed that approximately 20% of the adult population, equivalent to 66 million individuals, are in favor of dissolving the 247-year-old American union.

The poll also found that Republicans are more inclined towards the idea of dividing the superpower than Democrats, with 25% of GOP voters in favor of creating a right-leaning nation by breaking away from the current union, in contrast to only 16% of Democrats who hold this view.

Although the number of Americans who wish to separate is insufficient to make it a feasible political option, the fact that an increasing number of conservatives and liberals are no longer willing to coexist in the same country is noteworthy.

This desire to split is shared by only one-fifth of Americans, according to the poll.

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