Australian surfs for 40 hours to smash world record

Photo: AFP (Fair Use)

On Friday, Australian surfer Blake Johnston shattered the world record for the longest surfing session by riding hundreds of waves for 40 grueling hours, while also maneuvering past hordes of jellyfish.

After surpassing the previous record of 30 hours and 11 minutes held by South African Josh Enslin, the 40-year-old former professional surfer Blake Johnston broke down in tears, France 24 reported.

Johnston received an enthusiastic round of applause from hundreds of supporters who had gathered at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach to watch as he surfed back to shore in the evening.

Clad in a black cowboy hat and wrapped in a thermal blanket, Johnston was lifted off the beach on the shoulders of his friends, having finally set aside his surfboard to end the feat, as reported by France 24.

In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his father’s suicide, Johnston attempted and succeeded in breaking the world record for the longest surfing session, raising over Aus$330,000 (US$221,000) for mental health in the process.

Written by staff