The humanoids are coming

Photo: Axios (Fair Use)

Within the next decade, a Silicon Valley startup aiming to achieve this goal has forecasted that humanoid robots equipped with agile hands will be utilized in warehouses and retail stores, offering aid to the elderly, and carrying out household duties.

Given demographic trends, which include an ongoing labor deficit and an escalating elder care predicament, the concept of fully operational, AI-driven humanoid robots appears to be exceedingly attractive, Axios reported.

It has been reported that companies like Amazon are concerned about the possibility of running out of warehouse employees, whose positions are physically and mentally strenuous and have a high turnover rate.

Figure, a prominent startup that recently surfaced from stealth mode, is constructing a model of a humanoid robot that, according to the company, will eventually be capable of walking, ascending stairs, opening doors, operating tools, and carrying boxes – and maybe even cooking meals.

Written by staff