Border crossings from Canada into New York, Vermont and N.H. are up tenfold

Photo: U.S. Border Patrol (Fair Use)

In the frigid region straddling the border between New York and Canada, the sheriff’s department has urged the U.S. Border Patrol to allocate additional resources to tackle what the community deems an escalating crisis: Over the past five months, the number of unauthorized border crossings has surged to almost ten times that of the corresponding period in the prior year, and the migrants are at risk of succumbing to hypothermia.

Between October 1st and February 28th, approximately 2,000 migrants traversed the forests south of the border between Canada and New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, compared to a mere 200 crossings during the equivalent period in the prior year.

The majority of the migrants are from Mexico and are capable of traveling to Canada without visas prior to illegally crossing into the United States, frequently for the purpose of reuniting with their families, as reported by NBC News.

Over the previous weekend, Sheriff David Favro’s squad in Clinton County, New York, aided the Border Patrol in rescuing 39 migrants, several of whom had garments that had frozen to their bodies.

Written by staff