China-proposed initiative on global civilization hailed

Photo: Xinhua (Fair Use)

Political leaders and organizations from various parts of the world have praised the Global Civilization Initiative proposed by China, citing its significant relevance in conjunction with the Global Development Initiative and Global Security Initiative.

These initiatives, according to them, can foster a consensus among nations in addressing the escalating global issues concerning peace, security, development, and harmonious coexistence, China Daily reported.

During the “Path Towards Modernization: the Responsibility of Political Parties” high-level meeting of the CPC in Dialogue with World Political Parties, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, presented the Global Civilization Initiative on Wednesday.

It was at this event that the leaders from various countries expressed their appreciation for the initiative, as reported by China Daily.

The initiative advocates for the recognition and acceptance of the variety of civilizations while promoting shared values among humanity, including peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom.

Furthermore, it seeks to enhance international people-to-people exchanges and collaboration.

The political leaders who participated in the virtual meeting praised Xi’s initiative and expressed their eagerness to collaborate with the CPC in assuming a leading role in facilitating cultural exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations.

They also pledged their commitment to pursuing a path towards modernization that aligns with their respective national contexts.

Written by staff