AP: Putin welcomes China’s Xi to Kremlin amid Ukraine war

Photo: Associated Press (Fair Use)

On Monday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping was warmly greeted by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin, conveying a strong message to Western leaders who are in alliance with Ukraine that their attempts to isolate Moscow have not been successful.

During his first foreign trip since his re-election earlier this month, Xi showcased China’s newfound diplomatic confidence and provided a political boost to Putin.

This visit came just days after an international arrest warrant was issued for the Russian leader on war crimes charges linked to Ukraine, the Associated Press is reporting.

Xi’s three-day visit to Russia was characterized by both major powers as a chance to strengthen their “unrestricted friendship.” China views Russia as a critical source of oil and gas for its energy-dependent economy, as well as a partner in pushing back against what they perceive as US hegemony over global affairs.

The two nations, both of which are permanent members of the UN Security Council, have also conducted joint military exercises.

Both leaders shook hands before sitting down and making statements at the start of their meeting, calling each other “dear friend” and exchanging compliments, as reported by the AP.

Putin congratulated Xi on his re-election and voiced hope for building even stronger ties in the future.

Written by staff