North Korea calls for nuclear attack preparedness on U.S. and South Korea

Photo: Reuters (Fair Use)

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, is urging his nation to have preemptive preparedness in order to launch a nuclear attack in an attempt to deter war as he has now accused the United States and South Korea of conducting military drills with American nuclear assets, state media is reporting.

The North Korean leader’s statement came after the military had launched a short-range ballistic missile towards the sea on Sunday, Fox News reported.

The missile reportedly landed in the sea off the east coast of the country, this is according to South Korean and Japanese observations, which reported that the missile had traversed roughly 500 miles.

Kim Jong Un personally oversaw the test and noted that the test exercise will improve the nations military’s actual war capability and he expressed the need to ensure North Korea stands ready for “immediate and overwhelming nuclear counterattack.”

Written by staff