Mind-Controlled Robots Tested By Australian Army

Photo: Australian Army (Fair Use)

A team of scientists at the University of Technology Sydney has created a cutting-edge biosensor technology that enables mind reading in a practical sense.

Instead of being akin to a fortune teller, this innovation facilitates thought-based control of machines and robots. By simply thinking, one can manipulate these devices with ease, Study Finds reported.

The researchers are optimistic about the technology’s potential for healthcare, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing, among other fields.

Distinguished Professor Chin-Teng Lin and Professor Francesca Iacopi of the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT spearheaded the development of this advanced brain-computer interface in partnership with the Australian Army and Defence Innovation Hub, a breakthrough that holds tremendous promise.

The Australian Army recently showcased the incredible capabilities of this technology. During a demonstration, soldiers utilized the brain-machine interface to operate a Ghost Robotics quadruped robot.

The outcome was remarkable, with the robotic dog responding flawlessly to hands-free commands, achieving up to 94 percent accuracy, as reported by Study Finds.

Written by staff