Brazen monkey kidnaps puppy from busy street

Photo: Newslions Media / SWNS (Fair Use)

In Jaipur, India, a monkey snatched a black and white dog from a crowded market and took the pet on an adventurous journey across the rooftops.

On Saturday (March 18), a bystander captured the entire shocking incident on camera, the Daily Star reported.

The footage depicts the simian monkey tightly gripping onto the pooch while the pet struggles to break free. However, the primate remained composed and gazed back at the onlookers, who were eagerly waiting for its next move.

In the footage, some people can be heard laughing while others gasp in horror, but no one attempted to help the distressed puppy. As the monkey attracted a larger crowd, it eventually fled the scene.

Holding onto the dog with one hand, the monkey jumped onto a nearby balcony and then made a daring leap from rooftop to rooftop with the pet in tow before disappearing completely.

The fate of the puppy remains unknown, but given recent incidents, the outlook appears bleak. Jaipur is situated near a large monkey colony, and one of its Hindu temples is known as The Monkey Temple.

Written by staff