Cow escapes slaughterhouse, runs through streets in Brooklyn

Photo: Pix11 (Fair Use)

A cow’s life will be spared after breaking free at a slaughterhouse and running loose through the streets of Brooklyn Tuesday, Pix11 reported.

Mike Stura, the founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey, reported that the Saba Live Poultry slaughterhouse was in the process of transporting a 4-month-old calf from a truck when it managed to break free and ran through the streets of Canarsie.

According to Stura, a video recording of the incident depicted the calf eluding individuals in the streets as they attempted to corral it. The calf was eventually caught after a brief escape.

After the incident, the calf was taken back to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania farm from where she originated. Stura stated that he pleaded with the calf’s owners to allow her to reside at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary for the rest of her life, but it required some persuasion before the owners ultimately consented.

Written by staff