Archeologists uncovering more than expected at Court Square site

Photo: NBC 29 (Fair Use)

Charlottesville’s history is being uncovered by archaeologists who have been working on the Court Square Project for approximately a month. The team has been discovering more than what was initially expected.

“Lots of evidence of late 18th and early 19th century activity here,” Rivanna Archeological Services Project Manager Nick Bonharper said, as reported by NBC 29.

More than 300 orange flags have been planted on the site, indicating the location of previously excavated holes.

“We’re really looking for anything that sort of tells us about the lives of the people that were living in the space,” Archeologist Craig Kelley said.

They’re finding animal bones, teeth, pottery, and handcrafted pipes, as reported by NBC 29.

Although the archaeologists initially estimated that their work would take one to two weeks, the large number of flags on the site indicates that more time will be necessary before the city can begin its construction project.

Written by staff