AI bot ChatGPT faces growing scrutiny in Europe

Photo: Yahoo News (Fair Use)

Following Italy’s ban of the AI program ChatGPT, France’s data regulator has announced that it has received two complaints about the chatbot.

This is part of a broader trend of increased scrutiny by European authorities, including those in Ireland and Germany, who have reached out to their Italian counterparts in an effort to develop a unified stance on the matter.

ChatGPT, created by US firm OpenAI, has gained worldwide recognition for its ability to generate essays, poems, and conversations based on very brief prompts, and for its success in passing difficult exams.

However, Italian regulators have questioned the program’s handling of massive data collection, and whether it has a legal basis for such activities, Yahoo News reported.

The concerns regarding the AI program ChatGPT are not limited to Europe, as Canada’s data regulator announced on Tuesday that it is also opening an investigation into OpenAI.

Meanwhile, France’s CNIL, which is considered the most influential data regulator in Europe, has already received two complaints regarding ChatGPT. However, it has yet to declare whether it will conduct a full investigation into the matter.

Written by staff