Leftist Brandon Johnson wins Chicago mayor’s race

Photo: ABC 7 News (Fair Use)

According to The Associated Press, Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson is expected to become the next mayor of Chicago, succeeding Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) after winning the mayoral runoff.

Johnson, who is a progressive candidate, defeated centrist Paul Vallas in the election, the Hill reported.

Both candidates advanced to the Tuesday runoff after being the top two vote-getters in the initial Feb. 28 election, which featured Lightfoot and eight other candidates.

As this is Johnson’s inaugural bid for the position of Chicago mayor, the election presented voters with a choice between two vastly dissimilar Democratic contenders.

Even prior to the primary election held in February, surveys indicated that the topic of crime and ensuring public safety was a significant concern for voters in Chicago.

The city is currently dealing with elevated crime rates compared to pre-COVID times, as reported by the Hill.

Written by staff