AP: China military ‘ready to fight’ after drills near Taiwan

Photo: Wall Street Journal (Fair Use)

China’s military has announced its state of preparedness for combat after conducting three days of extensive combat exercises around Taiwan.

The drills simulated the blocking of the island in response to the Taiwanese president’s recent visit to the United States, the Associated Press is reported.

These “combat readiness patrols,” also known as Joint Sword, were intended to serve as a warning to Taiwan, which China claims as its own, according to a statement from the Chinese military.

The recent exercises bear a resemblance to those conducted by China in August of last year, during which missile attacks were launched on targets in the waters surrounding Taiwan as a response to a visit by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

However, the more recent drills were of a smaller scale and were less disruptive, as reported by the AP.

According to military experts, the purpose of these exercises is twofold: to intimidate Taiwan and provide Chinese troops with an opportunity to practice sealing off the island by obstructing air and sea traffic.

This strategic option is critical for the Chinese military in the event that military force is employed to capture Taiwan.

Written by staff