SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft is ready to launch, just waiting on license

Photo: SpaceX (Fair Use)

After SpaceX announced its plans to conduct an orbital flight test of the fully stacked Starship spacecraft, pending regulatory approval, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has confirmed its readiness for launch.

In a tweet on Monday, Musk stated that the launch is scheduled to take place “towards the end of the third week of April.”

Starship is the flagship spacecraft of SpaceX that has been eagerly anticipated for its ability to transport payloads and astronauts to deep space destinations such as the Moon and Mars.

Its reusable parts and massive booster, the Super Heavy, are designed to facilitate its launch from Earth’s surface, the Verge reported.

To further build excitement, SpaceX has released a five-minute all-CG reel showcasing Starship’s missions to Mars. The video includes scenes of refueling and a glimpse of Musk’s proposed outpost on the planet.

The Starship spacecraft is now ready for testing at SpaceX’s Starbase facility located in Boca Chica, Texas, as reported by the Verge.

Despite experiencing numerous launch delays, including a setback last summer when the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) expressed concerns about environmental impact around the base, the spacecraft is fully prepped for launch.

At present, the only requirement left for the launch of Starship and its booster, the Super Heavy, is to obtain a license from the FAA.

Written by staff