Couple decapitate selves with home-made guillotine in ritualistic sacrifice

Photo: Twitter (Fair Use)

Police have reported that a couple in India, identified as Hemubhai Makwana (38) and his wife Hansaben (35), took their own lives by decapitation with a homemade guillotine.

Their motive for doing so was reportedly to offer their heads as a sacrifice in a ritual ceremony in Vinchhiya, Gujarat, the Daily Mail reported.

The ‘guillotine-like mechanism’ was used to sever their heads, which were then placed on a ‘fire altar.’

The ceremony was carried out between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, according to Vinchhiya Police sub-inspector Indrajeetsinh Jadeja.

The couple left a note for their two children, parents, and other nearby relatives before carrying out the ritual.

According to sub-inspector Indrajeetsinh Jadeja, the note left by Hemubhai Makwana and Hansaben urged their relatives to take care of their children and parents after their passing.

Following the incident, the bodies were sent for a post-mortem examination, and authorities have registered a case of accidental death, as reported by the Daily Mail.

According to family members, the couple had been performing daily prayers in their home since last year.

The news comes after a horrific incident last October, in which two women were abducted, tortured, and beheaded in a suspected black magic human sacrifice ritual.

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