Iran warns will destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa at slightest action

Photo: Reuters (Fair Use)

During an Army Day speech on Tuesday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cautioned that Iran would annihilate Haifa and Tel Aviv if Israel made “even the slightest move” against it. The Iranian Tasnim media agency reported his warning.

Raisi also stated that “extra-regional and American forces” must exit the region quickly, as it is in their and the region’s best interests.

Raisi said that Iran’s army is “well equipped and up-to-date” and that it “sees itself as a servant by the side of the people,” as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, former crown prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, visited Israel. This speech by Raisi occurred during Pahlavi’s visit.

Pahlavi emphasized a message of solidarity between Israel and Iran during his visit, stating that the Islamic Republic does not reflect the views of the majority of the Iranian population.

Despite Pahlavi’s message of peace, the Islamic Republic has consistently posed a threat to Israel in various ways, the Jerusalem Post reported.

This includes not only speeches such as Raisi’s warning of destroying Haifa and Tel Aviv, but also displays of missiles inscribed with “death to Israel” in Hebrew.

Written by staff