Space Force chief says USA facing new era of threats beyond Earth

Photo: Getty Images (Fair Use)

During his keynote at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, General Chance Saltzman conveyed a straightforward message that the United States has entered a new era of space activities.

In an interview with CNBC following his speech, Saltzman, the second-ever Chief of Space Operations for the US Space Force, emphasized that the US is facing greater threats to its on-orbit capabilities from strategic competitors, with the level of congestion in space rapidly increasing due to a surge in tracked objects, satellite payloads, and launches.

In his first broadcast interview since becoming the highest-ranking military official of the US Space Force in November last year, Saltzman stressed the importance of revising processes and procedures to tackle the evolving challenges in space, CNBC reported.

This message arrives at a crucial time when space is rapidly commercializing, and geopolitical tensions have escalated, bringing about threats that extend beyond Earth to a domain where rules of engagement remain uncertain.

Written by staff