Ukraine planned attack on Moscow that could have triggered WW3

Photo: Pixabay CC (Fair Use)

Earlier this year, Ukraine had planned a significant strike on the Russian capital. However, the plan was abandoned after receiving a warning from the US government.

According to a leaked Pentagon report, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR) had instructed agents to prepare for “massive strikes” using all available resources to commemorate the first anniversary of the outbreak of war on February 24th.

After learning about the planned attacks, the CIA cautioned President Zelenskyy that an assault on Russia’s capital could lead to a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia, the Daily Star reported.

US officials were informed on February 22, a mere two days before the attacks were scheduled to occur, that the HUR had consented to delay the strikes on the Russian capital at the request of Washington.

At that point, the Kremlin had already been made aware of the planned attacks. In the weeks before the anniversary, Moscow had installed air defenses on various crucial buildings within and surrounding the city.

It seems that the US became aware of the plan by intercepting the phone conversations of Ukrainian officials, as reported by the Daily Star.

The Pentagon has provided weapons to Ukraine with the strict condition that US military equipment is not utilized to attack targets within Russia.

There are worries within the Biden administration that the use of American weapons on Russian territory may lead to a worldwide conflict.

Written by staff