Bolsonaro home raided, phone seized in probe of Brazil vaccine records

Photo: Reuters (Fair Use)

According to CNN affiliate CNN Brasil, Brazilian Federal Police have arrested one of former President Jair Bolsonaro’s closest aides and two others as part of an investigation into a gang accused of falsifying data on Covid-19 vaccination cards.

Sixteen search and seizure warrants and six arrest warrants were also executed, according to a police statement, CNN reported.

The defense team of Lieutenant-Colonel Mauro Cid, one of the individuals arrested, told CNN Brasil that they have not yet had access to the inquiry, which is confidential and extensive, and that they will provide a statement as soon as they receive a copy of the records.

According to CNN Brasil, as part of the investigation into a gang that allegedly falsified data on Covid-19 vaccination cards, Brazilian Federal Police carried out a search and seizure at an address in Brasília, where former President Jair Bolsonaro lives with his wife Michelle Bolsonaro near the Jardim Botânico.

The police also arrested one of Bolsonaro’s closest aides and two others, and served sixteen search and seizure warrants and six arrest warrants.

Michelle Bolsonaro tweeted that only her daughter and she were vaccinated and that the police had seized her husband’s cell phone, but they didn’t know the reason for the search and seizure, and their lawyer had not yet seen the files.

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