Joint venture announced to build ‘underwater space station of the ocean’

NOAA and Proteus Ocean Group have signed a formal agreement to develop and build an underwater habitat called PROTEUS, which aims to become the first “underwater space station of the ocean” for studying marine life and climate change.

The habitat will be constructed off the Caribbean island of Curaçao, according to an announcement made on Wednesday, UPI reported.

According to a recent announcement by NOAA and Proteus Ocean Group, the development and construction of an underwater habitat named PROTEUS is underway off the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

The facility will enable scientists, innovators, and individuals to reside underwater for longer periods of time to research the diverse marine life and develop new techniques to safeguard the ocean and the planet from the impacts of climate change.

Though the facility is still in its developmental phase, no start date for its construction has been determined.

Jeremy Weirich, the Director of NOAA Ocean Exploration, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential benefits of the collaboration, saying that “this partnership has the potential to greatly expand our capabilities in studying the ocean.”

Written by staff