Mystery Chinese spacecraft returns to Earth after 276 days

Photo: Reuters (Fair Use)

China’s state media has reported that an experimental spacecraft of Chinese origin successfully made its return to Earth on Monday after spending 276 days in orbit.

This mission, aimed at evaluating China’s reusable space technologies, has achieved a significant milestone.

As per state media, the unmanned spacecraft landed as planned at the Jiuquan launch center located in northwest China, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Unfortunately, no specific information has been disclosed regarding the spacecraft’s identity, the technologies under examination, its maximum altitude, or the orbital paths it traversed since its launch in early August 2022.

Moreover, no images of the spacecraft have been made public at this time, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Nonetheless, state media highlighted that this test signifies a noteworthy advancement in China’s research on reusable spacecraft technology.

The successful development of such technology is anticipated to offer a more convenient and cost-effective approach for future space missions.

Written by staff