Feinstein set to return to Senate after nearly 3-month absence

Photo: Flickr (Fair Use)

According to a spokesperson, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, is making her return to the Senate following an absence of nearly three months due to health issues.

On Wednesday, Feinstein is expected to participate in a recorded vote, marking her first since February 16. During her recovery from shingles, she missed a total of 91 floor votes, as reported by NBC News.

Feinstein’s absence created complications for the Democratic Party, which holds a slim one-seat majority in the Senate, particularly in their efforts to confirm nominees put forth by President Joe Biden, NBC News has reported.

The impact was most notable within the Judiciary Committee, where the Democrats’ 11-10 majority became a 10-10 tie, hampering their ability to confirm certain judges and preventing party-line votes on issuing subpoenas.

Democrats’ attempt to temporarily replace Feinstein on the committee with Senator Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, was thwarted by Republicans last month.

Many Republicans cited concerns about making it easier for Biden to seat judicial nominees they viewed as radical or unacceptable.

Feinstein later contested the notion that her absence had limited the number of nominees advanced by the committee in any way.

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