AP: DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, transgender kids and the use of bathrooms and pronouns

Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC (Fair Use)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed several bills on Wednesday that implement certain policies regarding gender-affirming care for minors, drag shows, personal pronouns in schools, and bathroom usage.

These actions align with DeSantis’ anti-LGBTQ+ legislative agenda, as he positions himself for a potential bid for the Republican presidential nomination, the Associated Press reported.

The signing ceremony took place at the evangelical Cambridge Christian School in Tampa, where DeSantis addressed an enthusiastic crowd, even engaging in a campaign-like gesture of tossing Sharpies to the attendees.

This public event differed from his previous private signings of measures pertaining to abortion and gun rights.

Opposition to these bills came from Democrats, and LGBTQ+ rallies were held at the Capitol during the recently concluded legislative session.

However, due to the Republican super-majority in both chambers, the bills easily passed and were subsequently signed by DeSantis. In his speech, DeSantis expressed his disappointment at the need for such discussions and stood behind a lectern displaying a sign that read “Let Kids Be Kids.”

Written by staff