Massive fire erupts in Charlotte, North Carolina’s SouthPark area

Photo: Charlotte Fire Department (Fair Use)

A major fire erupted on Thursday at a construction site in the SouthPark area of Charlotte, North Carolina, according to the Charlotte Fire Department.

Footage released by the department captures the intensity of the blaze, with flames and thick smoke engulfing a structure located on Liberty Row Drive in the 7700 block, Fox News reported.

By Thursday afternoon, reports indicated that one construction worker had sustained injuries, and approximately 15 individuals, including firefighters, were safely evacuated. Distressingly, some firefighters found themselves trapped in the inferno and had to request assistance.

In response to the incident, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department issued a public statement urging people to avoid the SouthPark area and seek alternative routes.

The situation is ongoing, and efforts are underway to contain and extinguish the fire, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Written by staff