Secret Service officer recalled from Bulgaria after altercation

Photo: ABC News (Fair Use)

Following an off-duty altercation with hotel staff, a Secret Service officer was recalled from Bulgaria, as confirmed by an agency spokesperson.

The recall coincided with former President Bill Clinton’s planned visit to Bulgaria this month for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), as announced by the Clinton Foundation, ABC 7 reported.

On May 10, the Secret Service officer, who was assigned to support protective functions during the overseas trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, was recalled to the United States due to the incident with hotel staff.

A second employee who witnessed the altercation was also recalled. Both individuals were removed from the assignment prior to the arrival of the protectee. The Secret Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility has initiated an internal investigation into the matter.

This incident follows recent news regarding an unidentified individual entering the Washington, D.C. home of national security adviser Jake Sullivan in late April, prompting a Secret Service investigation into the breach.

The agency spokesperson acknowledged the incident and stated that an investigation is underway to determine how such an event could occur despite the presence of agents.

The Secret Service emphasizes that it maintains stringent codes of conduct to govern employee behavior. If the ongoing investigation uncovers any policy violations or misconduct, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the individuals involved.

All employees implicated in the incident have been placed on administrative leave, with their access to Secret Service sites, facilities, and computer systems suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

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