Serbs in northern Kosovo quit state jobs in licence plate protest

In Northern Kosovo the Serbian minority are quitting their jobs within state institutions, including government, police and judicial courts, in protest against the use of new vehicle license plates.

  • AL-JAZEERA – Following a meeting of Serb political representatives in the north of Kosovo, Minister of Communities and Returns Goran Rakic said he was resigning from his post in the Pristina government.
  • BLAKAN INSIGHT – The resignations came after a meeting in the town of Zvecan organised by Belgrade-backed Serb party Srpska Lista.
  • DW – The move came after Pristina declared that around 10,000 Kosovo Serbs with license plates issued by Serbia must replace them with plates issued by Kosovo starting this month.
  • EURO NEWS – Over the coming three weeks, ethnic Serbs will be warned if they keep their old Serbian licence plates. This will be followed by fines in the next two months, and then until 31 April they can only drive with temporary local plates.