Indiana man dressed as Pikachu ran from police on lawn mower, cops say

Roachdale, Indiana police officers may have needed a Pokeball in order to help them catch a wild Pikachu spotted driving a lawnmower reckless throughout the small-town streets on Halloween evening.

  • FOX 59 – According to Roachdale police, officers were made aware of a man recklessly driving a modified lawn mower through the streets of Roachdale with a trailer in tow while children dressed as ghosts and ghouls prowled the streets in their own pursuit of candy. 
  • WANE 15 – A deputy located the erratic lawnmower driver and quickly realized it was no ordinary driver, but rather a rare Pokemon: the lawnmower Pikachu.
  • KFOR 4 – The deputy “attempted to make a traffic stop on the mower,” police wrote. “Unfortunately Pikachu turned around, flipped [the deputy] off, and continued on.”
  • WGN 9 – Police were able to identify the suspect beneath the Pikachu garb, however, and later arrived at his home where, “after a brief scuffle,” two officers were able to subdue the man — no longer in his Pikachu costume — and take him into custody.