48,000 University of California workers go on strike

Nearly 50,000 unionized academic workers at all 10 University of California campuses walked off the job on Monday, calling for better pay and benefits.

  • CBS NEWS – The strike by researchers, postdoctoral scholars, tutors, teaching assistants and graders threatens to disrupt classroom and laboratory instruction across the statewide university system just weeks ahead of final exams in December. 
  • AL-JAZEERA – Among the workers’ core demands are salaries of at least $54,000 a year for graduate-student workers and annual cost-of-living increases. The union is also calling for increased job security, greater accessibility for workers with disabilities and additional assistance for students with children.
  • ABC7 – A work stoppage could have a serious impact in classrooms, potentially leaving classes without instructors and professors without workers to grade assignments. It could also halt a significant portion of the research that occurs at UC campuses.