Invasion of fire ants “raining down” on Hawaii amid warnings to people and pets

Islanders on Hawaii are running scared as an invasion of venomous fire ants has taken hold on the pacific island group with people being stung in their beds.

Residents of the US State have been warned to check their homes for the tiny insects following their discovery at Wailua River State Park.

The infestation is believed to have begun at a private home and is the biggest seen on the island since they were first seen in 1999, SFGATE reported.

Fire ants are known to be aggressive and possess a venomous sting which can cause painful welts which develop into blisters.

The ants’ venom can cause a life-threatening reaction in some people.

The ants are native to central and south America and are thought to have arrived more than two decades ago aboard a ship and thrive in shade, trees and water.

The infestation is currently limited to Wailua River State Park although experts are concerned it could spread down the river to other parts of the state.