Irish Govt Reopens ‘Tent City’ for Migrants as Public Protest Open Borders

Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images (Fair Use)

Amid an influx of tens of thousands of migrants, the Irish government has reportedly decided to reopen a tent ‘city’, as locals protest the EU member-state’s open borders policies.

Protests against the Irish government’s open borders approach to migration continue to spread across the country as state officials requisition more and more premises to house asylum seekers.

With Ireland in the midst of a crippling housing crisis, the authorities have taken to utilising disused office blocks and even school buildings to house migrants, often without consulting locals living near the site.

This has sparked a number of high-profile protests in areas where migrants have been transplanted, with the country’s asylum centres becoming ever more associated with various acts of extreme violence that have taken place over the last number of weeks.