Housekeeper’s husband is arrested in fatal shooting of ‘peacemaker’ Catholic bishop

A housekeeper’s husband was arrested near Los Angeles on Monday in connection with the fatal shooting of a Catholic bishop, who might’ve been killed over a financial beef, officials said.

Two days after the body of Bishop David O’Connell was found in his Hacienda Heights home, 65-year-old Carlos Medina was taken into custody in Torrance after a standoff with law enforcement, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert G. Luna said.

Medina’s wife is O’Connell’s housekeeper and she was not implicated or publicly identified.

Luna said his department received tips about Medina’s location and a possible motive — which said the man believed O’Connell owed him money.

Security video showed an SUV similar to the one used by the housekeeper temporarily in the driveway of the bishop’s residence before the murder, Luna said. The suspect had done “some work” at the home previously, he said.