Minnesota lawmakers pass bill to grant illegal migrants US driver’s licenses

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow illegal immigrants the ability to obtain a U.S. driver’s license without requiring proof they are in the country lawfully.

The “Driver’s License for All” legislation states that a person applying for a driver’s license or state ID “is not required to demonstrate United States citizenship or lawful presence in the United States,” according to the most current version of the text. 

Republicans in the Minnesota state Senate sought to amend the bill’s language on Tuesday to include “Not for Flying” or “Not for Voting” over concerns that an illegal immigrant might have the ability to vote in U.S. elections.

The bill was passed in the Minnesota House in January before being cleared in the state Senate this week. After slight revisions to the text are made, it will be sent back to the House for final review before heading to Democratic Gov. Tim Walz’s desk.

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