Manchin When Asked if He’s a Democrat: ‘I Am an American’

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) failed to answer whether he still identifies as a Democrat on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Manchin said, “My main concern is how do we bring this country together? How do we make it work? How do we make Democrats, Republicans become Americans again and not just party affiliates? This is what’s happening right now. We’re pushing people further apart, making people take a side and rewarding for bad behavior.”

Anchor Maria Bartiromo said, “Real quick, I’ve got to ask you about your own public service. You’ve been in public service for 40 years. You told a radio interview this week that you will not be running for president. What are your plans? Will you run for re-election?”

Manchin said, “Well, the bottom line is that was in talking back and forth to a dear friend of mine who said this minute, this time, and I said listen, my main concern to all of you and your viewers, how do we bring this country together. How do we make it work? How do we make Democrats and Republicans become Americans again and not just party affiliates.”

Bartiromo said, “Do you still identify as a Democrat?” Manchin said, “I identify as an American. I’m an American through and through.”