California Man Detained for Transformer Bombings Possessed Explosive Materials at Home: Police

Photo: KGO (Fair Use)

Authorities have disclosed that a California resident, charged with detonating two Pacific Gas and Electric transformers, had significant quantities of explosive materials and a non-functioning methamphetamine lab in his residence.

San Jose’s Peter Karasev, aged 36, was taken into custody on Wednesday and has been charged with several offenses, including two counts of detonating a destructive device, two counts of destroying an electrical line, and an arson charge connected to the “transformer bombings,” according to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Victoria Robinson, who briefed reporters on Friday.

According to the San Jose Police Department, the events took place at two different locations in January and December 2022. The explosions caused damage to the PG&E transformers, resulting in power outages for thousands of people, ABC News reported.

The criminal complaint reveals that the accused was caught on surveillance cameras riding a bicycle to a small strip mall on January 5 and setting fire to a backpack near the bottom of a PG&E transformer box before rapidly fleeing the site.

“[It] is believed that this suspect intentionally caused this destruction and harm to public safety,” the criminal complaint stated, as reported by ABC News.

Authorities said that another PG&E transformer box, situated three miles away near a Macy’s store, was similarly damaged on December 8, 2022.

Detectives established a possible connection between the incidents, and surveillance footage and cell phone signals helped them locate Karasev, who was apprehended outside his place of work on Wednesday, as per the complaint.

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