President Biden deviates from liberal left, urges Dems to take a tougher stance on crime

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

President Joe Biden’s recent decision regarding a local crime law conveys a nationwide message to his fellow Democrats regarding his stance on addressing the GOP’s accusations of increasing crime rates in the country.

For the past three years, Democrats have largely prioritized police reform, especially since the George Floyd protests reignited a national conversation about race and law enforcement, NBC News reported.

However, with the surge in violent crime rates and growing anxiety in major cities, a number of party strategists and officials have urged for a more stringent approach to counter the GOP’s accusations.

President Biden, who has a record of advocating for tougher crime legislation, has attempted to balance both sides of the Democratic spectrum.

However, he was compelled to take a stand this week when he announced that he would not permit the Washington D.C. city government to pass laws that would reduce certain criminal penalties, as reported by NBC News.

The White House is preparing a vigorous campaign to portray President Biden as a strong advocate of law and order in an attempt to weaken the Republican’s upper hand on an issue that has placed numerous Democrats on the back foot.

Written by staff