Violence erupts in Paris as protesters clash with riot cops

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

Today, as protesters across France rallied against pension reforms, the streets of Paris were engulfed in violence, the Daily Mail reported.

Amidst the industrial action that swept across the country on a day dubbed “Black Tuesday,” riot police engaged in heated confrontations with demonstrators in the capital city, resulting in running battles.

The Port Royal metro station was the site of the most severe disturbance, where hundreds of riot police resorted to tear gas and baton charges amidst a hail of projectiles.

Black Bloc anarchists were responsible for setting bins on fire and destroying bus stops in the area, as reported by the Daily Mail.

President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, aligning France with several of its EU counterparts and the UK, where the state pension age is 66, has incited fury amongst millions of citizens.

As the sixth day of nationwide strikes since mid-January dawns, it has the potential to surpass the largest protests to date, which drew a crowd of over 1.27 million on January 31.

Written by staff