Punches thrown, chaos erupts aboard Southwest Airlines plane in Dallas 

Photo: Screen Shot / Instagram (Fair Use)

According to officials, chaos broke out on a Southwest Airlines plane in Dallas when a passenger launched a series of punches at another passenger. The incident was captured in a viral video.

Video footage showed a man in a tan blazer standing over a heavily tattooed man and assaulting him as Phoenix-bound travelers were boarding Flight 117 at Love Field. This is the latest example of unruly passenger behavior, NBC News reported.

Caitlin Johnson, 32, told NBC News on Wednesday that moments before the assault, the man in the blazer had approached the tattooed gentleman and requested his address. “He actually gave him the address and then he just started punching him,” she said.

The chaos unfolded just a few rows ahead of Caitlin Johnson, a speech language pathologist from Arizona. She reported that the tattooed man was seated and unable to retaliate or protect himself.

“He probably punched the guy a good four times before anyone started recording,” Johnson said, as reported by NBC News.

Caitlin Johnson reported that fellow travelers had informed her that the tattooed man had apparently bumped into the attacker’s wife just moments before in the gate area.

Written by staff