Hours after West Bank raid, three injured in Tel Aviv shooting incident

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

Late on Thursday, a Palestinian gunman fired on a bustling street in central Tel Aviv, injuring three people before being shot and killed, according to Israeli authorities.

The shooting followed an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank earlier in the day that resulted in the deaths of three Palestinian militants, the Associated Press reported.

These events are the most recent instances of the year-long escalation in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which does not appear to be slowing down.

Dizengoff Street, a well-known street in Tel Aviv lined with shops and restaurants, was the site of the shooting. The attack took place on Thursday night, the beginning of the Israeli weekend and when anti-government protests were happening in the Mediterranean city, which was bustling with people at the time.

According to social media, an image depicted the suspected attacker standing in the middle of the road and pointing a pistol. As per the MADA rescue service, one of the victims was in critical condition.

The authorities reported that the security forces in the vicinity acted swiftly and eliminated the assailant, as reported by the AP.

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