At San Francisco expo, AI ‘sorry’ for destroying humanity

Photo: Flickr CC (Fair Use)

The rapid progress in artificial intelligence has prompted a museum in San Francisco, the epicenter of the technology industry, to envision a monument to commemorate the extinction of humanity.

“Sorry for killing most of humanity person with smile cap and mustache,” says a monitor welcoming a visitor to the “Misalignment Museum,” a new exhibit on the controversial technology, as reported by France24.

The exhibits featured in this temporary exhibition blend unsettling elements with humor, and the initial presentation includes artificial intelligence providing clever remarks to visitors who pass into its field of view.

“The concept of the museum is that we are in a post-apocalyptic world where artificial general intelligence has already destroyed most of humanity,” said Audrey Kim, the show’s curator, as reported by France24.

“But then the AI realizes that was bad and creates a type of memorial to the human, so our show’s tagline is ‘sorry for killing most of humanity.”

Artificial General Intelligence is a more abstract concept than the basic AI that is rapidly permeating everyday life, exemplified by the quick proliferation of applications like ChatGPT or Bing’s chatbot and the buzz surrounding them.

Written by staff.