Scientists discover superconducting material, may bring total revolution in energy and electronics

Photo: Yahoo News (Fair Use)

A crucial material has been identified by researchers by blending rare lutetium with elements like hydrogen and a small quantity of nitrogen. The resulting material can conduct electricity without any resistance and also redirect magnetic fields around it.

Scientists believe that this superconducting material is a breakthrough in the field, as they have been seeking it for almost a century. The material has the potential to work at both high and low temperatures, making it practical for various applications.

The discovery of this material has the potential to revolutionize the energy production and transmission industry, Geo News reported.

A team led by Professor Ranga Dias believes that this superconducting material represents a pathway to superconducting consumer electronics, energy transfer lines, transportation, and significant improvements in magnetic confinement for fusion.

According to him, this breakthrough means that humankind has entered a new era of superconductivity, as reported by Geo News.

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