Sheriff: Texas Man fatally shoots self after living with corpse

Photo: Flickr (Fair Use)

On Sunday, authorities continued their investigation into the circumstances that led a man to fatally shoot himself just before deputies entered his home and discovered that he had been living with a corpse for months.

Deputy Thomas Gilliland, a spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, stated that neighbors contacted the agency on Saturday evening, expressing concern about not seeing one of the men who lived at the home for several months, ABC News reported.

Deputy Thomas Gilliland, a spokesperson for the agency, stated that at the west Houston home, deputies observed a large number of flies and an unpleasant odor emanating from one end of the house.

Deputies who entered the home heard a shot and discovered the body of a man who had apparently shot himself, Gilliland said.

“In another adjoining bedroom, they did find the body of a male also that had been severely decomposed,” Gilliland said, citing a timeframe of at least several months, as reported by ABC News.

He said an autopsy was planned on the decomposed body.

Investigators are currently trying to determine the relationship between the two men who lived together.

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