Official: Mountain lion claws man in hot tub in Colorado

Photo: Getty Images (Fair Use)

On Monday, wildlife officials announced their search for a mountain lion that attacked a man’s head while he was sitting in a hot tub with his wife at a rental home in central Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported that while the man was enjoying a soak in an in-ground hot tub situated in a wooded subdivision west of Nathrop on Saturday night, he suddenly felt something grab his head.

In response, he screamed and began splashing water while his wife illuminated the animal with a flashlight. It was later confirmed to be a mountain lion, the Associated Press is reporting.

According to authorities, the mountain lion retreated to the top of a hill but continued to observe the couple.

After the incident, the couple managed to return to the house where they cleaned the man’s wounds and contacted the property owner, who coincidentally worked for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The man sustained four minor scratches on his head and near his right ear, but he refused medical attention, as reported by the AP.

Written by staff