Planetary Parade: A Rare 5 Planet Alignment Is On the Way

Photo: Stellarium (Fair Use)

A spectacular planetary parade, comprising Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Uranus, is set to grace the sky on March 27. Meanwhile, amateur astronomers are currently engaged in the Messier Marathon, which was initially introduced by the renowned comet hunter Don Machholz. The event occurs close to the new moon and within a week of the Vernal Equinox.

If you’re keen to witness the remarkable astronomical occurrence, it is recommended that you begin observing soon after sunset, Space reported.

In the constellation Pisces, two prominent planets – Jupiter and Mercury – will appear near the horizon, although they may not be as visible as Venus, which is the brightest of all five planets.

Uranus, located close to Venus, is expected to be the most challenging planet to spot, and you may require binoculars to catch a glimpse of it. Meanwhile, Mars, the fifth and last planet in the parade, will be positioned higher in the sky, near the first quarter Moon in the constellation Gemini.

Written by staff