AP: North Korea fires cruise missiles as allies stage drills

Photo: AP (Fair Use)

According to South Korea’s military, on Wednesday, North Korea fired cruise missiles towards the sea, just three days after conducting a simulated nuclear attack on South Korea as a protest against its military drills with the United States.

North Korea has been increasing its weapons testing activities, which it claims are in response to the South Korean-U.S. military training that it perceives as a rehearsal for an invasion, the Associated Press reported.

Experts believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un intends to expand his arsenal to secure greater external concessions, while projecting an image of a strong leader amidst challenging economic conditions at home.

The 11-day South Korean-U.S. joint military exercises are set to conclude on Thursday. Nevertheless, North Korea is expected to continue its weapons tests as the United States is reportedly planning to deploy an aircraft carrier in the coming days for additional joint drills with South Korea.

Written by staff