Uganda Passes Strict Anti-Gay Bill That Imposes Death Penalty

Photo: DNYUZ (Fair Use)

Ugandan lawmakers have approved a far-reaching anti-gay law that could result in severe penalties, including the death sentence. This marks the climax of a prolonged campaign to outlaw homosexuality and target LGBTQ individuals in the conservative East African nation.

After more than seven hours of discussion and revisions, the law was ratified late on Tuesday night. It stipulates that anyone caught engaging in gay sex will face a life sentence. Attempting to engage in same-sex relations could result in a seven-year jail term, DNYUZ has reported.

Under the new law, individuals found guilty of “aggravated homosexuality,” defined as homosexual acts committed by someone infected with H.I.V., or involving children, disabled individuals, or anyone drugged without their consent, would face the death penalty.

This legislative decision concludes a long-running battle over gay rights in Uganda that has garnered global attention for nearly 15 years. It also coincides with a rise in anti-gay policies and discrimination in several African countries, including Kenya, Ghana, and Zambia.

Written by staff